East Devon Green Party Policies

Devon County Council makes important decisions about the future direction of our county. This is your chance to vote for a sensible alternative voice that is prepared to challenge entrenched views.


The Green Party is not bound by any vested interests, and by voting Green you know you will get representatives who will fight for local people and will stand up for local services, local businesses and protecting the beautiful Devon environment.


You will have two votes in the election - this is an opportunity to vote for a Greener Devon future. Vote for change and elect a Green Councillor.


Rob Masding



Rob Masding was born and educated in the Midlands and spent his career working in IT in the UK and abroad. After a lifetime of holidaying in Exmouth he retired here in 2013. In 2015 Robert was elected to Exmouth town council. He is on the council planning committee and a member of the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Rob has a keen interest in ecosystems and the natural environment - with a special interest in developing the local economy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Olly Davey



Olly Davey has lived in Exmouth for over 30 years. He worked at Rolle College, in a local primary school and the Devon Music Service. Now retired, he teaches guitar and plays in various bands. Olly remains passionate about Arts education. As a councillor, he would promote local businesses and employment and encourage local authorities to tackle the challenges of global climate change.


You can contact Rob or Olly at any time:
E: info@eastdevongreenparty.org.uk F: facebook.com/eastdevongreenparty
Green councillors will fight for high quality build, high energy efficiency and genuine affordability, and will resist attempts by developers to circumvent planning requirements.


There is a need for more housing in Devon. However new development should take account of the views of local communities and there should always be an element of affordable housing. The current proposals encouraging private developers to build more rental properties brings in worrying questions of ownership and offers only insecure accommodation for a large proportion of the population.
Green councillors will push for our countryside, sea front and estuaries to be treated with respect. 
An over-developed sea front would not suit our Regency and Victorian seaside towns with their gardens and green spaces. Improvements need to be well designed and support community interests and local business.
Green councillors would explore all funding routes available to keep Devon youth clubs open, support quality education provision (including arts education) and encourage local businesses in order to provide local jobs for young people.
Greens would support quality partnership arrangements for youth club provision, where these are available or re-opening council-run youth clubs where not. Greens believe there should be real choice in educational provision.
Green councillors believe that public transport charges are too high, and more public transport (including electric rail lines and buses) should be available in order to reduce road congestion and pollution.
Greens would also promote planning conditions which encourage good pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and the extension of 20mph zones, especially near schools.
As the UK’s commitment to the climate change goals set in Paris in 2016 is being questioned, Green councillors will continue to fight for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy across the region, and that DCC continues to provide funding to support community energy schemes.
Green councillors will stand up for a publicly owned NHS and local social service provision.


Greens believe that the Government’s approach to the NHS and Social Care is ideologically driven and aimed at hiving off areas of health and social care provision to private corporations who seek to make a profit rather than provide a service. Green councillors will challenge these changes.




Promoted by Philippa Purchase 7 Coombefield Lane Axminster, on behalf of Rob Masding Bystock Court Old Bystock Drive Exmouth and Olly Davey 72 Bapton Close Exmouth.